How to Share Mobile Broadband

Sharing your broadband line with other computers is quite common thing when you have a landline broadband and a router has been a common part of the bundle you purchase from your ISP. Most users decide to go for Wireless router that allows them to set up a wireless network inside their homes. This option is very nice but it does not allow you mobility outside of your home.

Can I Share a Mobile broadband connection?

Until recently, this was not possible, but due to the growing number of mobile broadband users, the demand for routers that would fit this new technology has appeared.

These new "mobile broadband wireless routers" enable you to share your mobile broadband connection, so several people can access the internet simultaneously.

What is a router and how does it work?

Router is a device that will distribute your broadband connection to the computers connected to it. Mobile broadband routers are wireless routers that will enable you to connect several computers to it via local wireless network. Setting it up is quite easy - following a step-by-step installation. Network is also password protected thus allowing only authorized computers to have access to it. What you need to do is plug in your USB dangle into the router and turn it on. You will also need to have wireless LAN cards installed on to your computers to be able to communicate with the router. These cards are common with 90% of laptops on the market for past several years, and if you do not have one, they are cheap to get.

What equipment do I need?

As I already mentioned you will require a mobile wireless router, wireless LAN cards and your usb mobile modem. With all of these, you will need only 5-10 min to set up your network and share your connection with other computers. However, note that right now routers do vary from ISP to ISP so it would be best to enquire at your ISP on how and where to acquire your mobile broadband router.

Why do I need it?

If you have more than one computer in your home, you can connect them together into a network and have internet access on all of them. You will still keep the mobility outside of your home, as you can just unplug your USB modem from your router and use it wherever you go and just plug it in when you get back. You can also take the router with you and share the connection with others in your summerhouse or where ever you want to.