Is Mobile Broadband Safe?

Safety is always important, especially when it comes to the safety of your documents stored on your computer. Using a wireless connection can be very unsafe, even when you are at home, anyone close by can scan your connection and try to hack you, get into your internet connection and your pc. There were many reports of obstruction of Wi-Fi networks but let me reassure you that mobile broadband is much safer. In fact, it is one of the safest connections available!

What makes the mobile broadband so safe?

The technology used for mobile broadband has evolved from mobile phone networks. Safety of our calls has always been important to us, and mobile phone companies have done a lot to ensure full safety of your calls. Using this technology, internet access through the mobile broadband is much safer than through any other wireless network available on the market. Your connection is encrypted as the backbone of the mobile broadband is GSM network. Encryption used is 128 bit meaning that it is unbreakable! This is as if you already have WEP or WAP encoders installed to enhance safety of your connection.

However, keep in mind that once you use wireless router your safety will go down as connection from router to your pc is not encrypted anymore. This does lower your safety but it does not mean that you cannot enhance it for router usage.

Your biggest safety risk is actually losing your USB dongle or someone stealing it. Whoever gets their hands on it will be in position to use your internet access as much as he wants until he runs out of your allowance but if you are under contract then it Is even worse as when he goes over the limit all excess data will be charged additionally to your monthly bill. What you want to do in that situation is to immediately call your ISP and let them know what happened. After that, the ISP will take measures to block your stolen or lost USB dangle.

To conclude, mobile broadband is very well protected and encoded, so you are taking no risk as long as you are in the possession of your USB modem. Creating your own local network with router does bring up potential risk of security, but many people use these types of local wireless networks on daily basis with no security issues.