Introduction to Mobile Broadband

Mobile broadband is the new type of internet access that utilizes already existing mobile networks. Through the new technological advances, it will allow you full mobility while keeping most benefits of a normal landline broadband. Mobile broadband has been around for 7 years now and since the day one, it has gained a lot in popularity. This popularity did not come without a good reason.

What does Mobile broadband offer you?

Mobile broadband offers a high-speed internet connection that is 100% secure, easy to use and gives you full mobility wherever you go. High-speed internet will allow you comfortable and fast internet usage. If you have ever used a non-broadband connection than you know how annoying it is to be constantly waiting for a webpage to load up. With mobile broadband, pages will load up so fast that it will be almost instantaneous, and not only that but you will be able to download movies, your favorite songs, and all other benefits of highspeed connection.

Why should I consider a mobile broadband over a regular broadband connection?

Fact of the matter is with 99% of regular broadband connections you will be tied down to one place as they use landlines. Mobile broadband uses already existing mobile networks, furthermore mobile broadband is easier to use and install. With Mobile broadband, you have internet access no matter where you are! You can use it in a cab, bus, train, at home, summerhouse anywhere you want, and you can just pick up your laptop and go! If you have a summerhouse that you go to or you just like to go places, mobile broadband is perfect choice for you. You will be able to read news on your laptop while you are traveling or even talk to your loved ones while you are away using full benefits of VoIP technology.

Some people do not trust wireless technologies and believe that they are harmful to your health. This however, has no scientific or medical proof, and be assured that mobile broadband is 100% safe and harmless. Only downside to Mobile broadband is that the speed can vary a bit and is not 100% constant but this will never influence your work comfort in any serious way unless you are an online gamer.

To sum up, mobile broadband offers you all the benefits of the landline broadband with 100% mobility and is extremely easy to use. You must think that it is very expensive, however. Well, I will have to disappoint you because Mobile broadband is very affordable and does not cost more than a landline broadband. If you are owner of a summerhouse and you spend a lot of time there, or you travel frequently or just like to be able to get online where ever you are and you want something that is easy to use and install, this is the perfect choice for you! Mobile broadband is good for everyone who is looking for a good internet connection that is easy to use and even easier to set up. It will allow you great mobility and good connection wherever you are.

Price list
Udbyder Beskrivelse Binding GB / Speed Min pris Pris Pr. Md Læs mere
oister internet Good allround coverage in DK Ingen 15 GB / 21 mbit 278,- 99,-
trådløst internet 4G speed, best in the cities.
Ingen 40 GB / 71 mbit 416,- 169,-
internet priser Pay pr. used MB
Grear for short stays
6 mdr. 0 GB / 20 mbit 99,- 0,-
Telmore internet pris Good coverage and 3G speed Ingen 3 GB / 20 mbit 49,- 49,-
Bredbåndpriser fra Telia Best solution for long stays
Lots of GB and 4G speed
6 Mdr. 100 GB/71 mbit 1953,- 299,-
Internet priser fra Bibob low price 4G Ingen 5 GB / 71 mbit 130,- 129,-