Mobile Broadband Guide


If you are reading this then I presume you are wondering what Mobile broadband is and why you should get it?

In this guide you will learn how mobile broadband works, how you can use it, how to avoid ISP traps, how safe it is and many other facts that will help you ensure that you make the right choice and get proper service for your hard earned money!

We are going to tackle some of the most common questions and concerns you might have regarding mobile broadband.

  1. Introduction to mobile broadband What is mobile broadband, why do you need it, what can you do with it?
  2. Mobile broadband speed and packages Which speed do I need, and which package package do I need?
  3. The Mbit vs. Mbyte Trap Are the ISPs really trying to rip you off? Learn about the difference between Mbit and Mbyte and how some people get tricked into thinking that their connection is faster than it is. This part of the guide also contain a detailed description of the difference between the real and theoretical (advertised) broadband speed.
  4. Can I use mobile broadband with my computer? Guide to seeing if your computer is ready for mobile broadband.
  5. Sharing mobile broadband Learn how you can share your mobile broadband connection between 2 or more computers.
  6. Is mobile broadband safe? Learn how mobile broadband security compares to that of "normal" landline broadband connections.
  7. Setup and installation Guide to getting online after buying your mobile broadband package.
Prices in Denmark
Udbyder Beskrivelse Binding GB / Speed Min pris Pris Pr. Md Læs mere
oister internet Good allround coverage in DK Ingen 15 GB / 21 mbit 278,- 99,-
trådløst internet 4G speed, best in the cities.
Ingen 40 GB / 71 mbit 416,- 169,-
internet priser Pay pr. used MB
Grear for short stays
6 mdr. 0 GB / 20 mbit 99,- 0,-
Telmore internet pris Good coverage and 3G speed Ingen 3 GB / 20 mbit 49,- 49,-
Bredbåndpriser fra Telia Best solution for long stays
Lots of GB and 4G speed
6 Mdr. 100 GB/71 mbit 1953,- 299,-
Internet priser fra Bibob low price 4G Ingen 5 GB / 71 mbit 130,- 129,-